pool leak leak squad

Pool Leak Detection

Leak Squad finds hidden leaks in pool plumbing and in the pool shell. Our divers are experienced  to find any leak. We service both residential and commercial pools and spas.

sewering leak detection listener

Underground Water Leak Detection

We find leaks under slabs, parking lots, driveways, front yards, crawl spaces and inside walls. Some locations find roof leaks and compressed gas leaks.

camera inspection pipe view

Sewer Camera Inspection and Pipe Locating

Clogged or Broken sewer pipe? No worries at Leak Squad. We can quickly and accurately locate the problem with our state of the art electronic equipment and underground cameras. We can trace most pipes when needed.


Affordability is the name of the game

We are proud to be among the lowest priced leak detection companies. We regularly hold meetings over how to maximize productivity to keep our costs low. This allows us to charge our customers less than most competitors and still stay in business and grow.

Tools and Equipment

Pool leaks are found with pressure testing and acoustic equipment. We will use a diver with full diving equipment to find and repair underwater leaks quickly and effectively.

Slab leaks are located using sound listening devices, temperature sensors and lots of experience on the technicians part.

Sewer problems are inspected with a camera. Once the problem is identified a magnetic locating technique is used to pinpoint the location, dept and angle of the pipe break.

Pool Pipe under the pool floor

Your Next Steps...

You should call our office dispatcher to get on our schedule. We normally are able to come to your property within a day or two. Please call 704-202-8341.