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Pool and Spa leaks, Slab leaks, Clogged sewer pipes and Plumbing leaks is our specialty. We are experts in leak detection, sewer camera inspection, pipe locating and leak repair.

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The Greensboro NC Leak Squad location provides these services:

  • Pool and Spa Leak Detection

  • Pool and Spa Leak Repair

  • Sewer Camera Inspection

  • Pipe Locating

  • Slab Leak Detection

  • Main Service Line Leak Detection

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Pool Diving

Our technicians use colored dye to locate underwater leaks. Epoxy putty or vinyl patches are used to fix underwater pool leaks. Most repairs are done on the spot by our experienced divers.

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My water meter keeps spinning?

Leak Squad in Greensboro NC specializes in finding the source of your high water bill. We can find a break in the main water line between the street and your house with acoustic listening devices. In some cases we use compressed nitrogen to accurately pin-point the leak. We can find leaks in your hot or cold water pipes under the slab of your home. This will help minimize the digging process or even bypass the broken pipe.

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Sewer Clog? Easy...

We use state of the art camera equipment with magnetic locating capabilities. Our locator receiver can find the camera head under the house or in the yard and accurately locate the clog or break in the pipe. Tree roots can intrude into your sewer pipes and cause waste water backups. Our camera can find exactly where the digging needs to start and estimate the dept of the broken pipe. Plumbers use us on a daily basis to help them minimize damage to driveways and sidewalks.

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Our Techs:

Leak Squad's technicians are trained and tested regularly to ensure top quality service. Greensboro and Winston-Salem have a lot of pools with pop-ups or in floor cleaning heads. It takes experience and expertise to locate leaks under the pool floor. You can rest assured that Leak Squad has the know-how and the right tools for this type of leak detection.

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We find and repair leaks in the following Triad areas:

  • Greensboro NC
  • High Point NC
  • Winston-Salem NC
  • Lexington NC
  • Asheboro NC
  • Burlington NC
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