Frequently Asked Questions:

Can you find a leak underwater?
Yes. We have all the diving equipment and expertise necessary to locate small leaks under water in your pool or spa.

How much does it cost to find my leak?
Leak locating starts in the $300 range depending on the city you live in. Some jobs are less. Please make sure to ask on the phone.
Complicated pools with spas, waterfalls, negative edge or other features will be more as it may take twice as much time to find all leaks.
Some pools we work on have more than just one leak and we try to test everything. Sometimes however we do have to come back to look for additional leaks.

Does the leak detection fee include any repairs?
No. After the leak detection is completed you will be presented with repair options and prices. Most patches or repairs are easy and cost only $35 and up.
If we find a broken pipe under the deck or under ground we will give you are best estimated price. You are free to get other bids before hiring us for the repair part.

How long does your leak detection last?
In most cases we are in and out within one to three ours. Some jobs take longer however and in rare cases we may have to come back the next day.
The average pool leak detection is about 2.5 hours. Plumbing leaks are usually only 1 hour. Camera jobs may only take 45 minutes.

What should I expect when the technician arrives?
Depending on the leak he is looking for he may pressure test your pipes and listen for a leak with a acoustic listening device.
If you have a leak inside the pool shell the technician may decide to dive in and locate it visually.

Do I have to be home?
Not always. If we have access to the back yard we can work on your pool. If you have a leak inside your house
or anywhere in your plumbing including the front yard then we would need to enter the home usually.

What is your warranty?
30 days from our original leak detection date. If the leak is repaired and your pool is still losing water we will come back to find any additional leaks.

Do you give estimates over the phone?
Yes for most leak detection jobs. For repairs we have to come out and see the job.